Nepalese Forum for Human Rights and People’s Democracy (NEHURIPD)

Nepalese Forum for Human Rights and People's Democracy (NEHURIPD)

NEHURIPD, Australia is an Australia based organization established by a group of Nepalese people in Australia committed to work for human rights and people’s democracy, civil liberties and press freedom in Nepal.


NEHURIPD is committed to:

  • Establishing the Peoples’ democracy in Nepal followed by peace and prosperity in Nepal.
  • Encouraging national reconciliation and national consensus – among the political forces in Nepal.
  • Strengthening the capacity of civic organizations to participate in public policy making and promoting the rule of law.
  • Advocating for stronger national and international human rights systems and helping new democracies with established human rights, laws and institutions.
  • Raising its voice against the violence of human rights, social value, and political rights through the media, mass meetings and campaign.
  • Making people aware of their rights through ‘People Awareness’ programs.
  • Working for human rights of Nepalese people in Australia and preventing violations to these rights in the global arena.

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