Constitution of Nepalese Australian Association
(Adopted by the Annual General Meeting of 8 December 2018)
1. Name
The name of the association shall be the Nepalese Australian Association. NAA is the short form of the Nepalese Australian Association.
2. Vision and Mission Statements


2.1 Vision
To become lead community organisation in Australia that will continue to role model multicultural social integration, establishes Nepalese cultural values and supports underprivileged communities.
2.2 Mission Statements
a. Nepalese Australian Association (NAA) will continue to role model multicultural social integration by actively participating to the community activities that promote multiculturalism and social integration of the people of Nepalese origin in Australia.


b. NAA will actively promote Nepalese cultural activities in Australia to integrate cultural values of Nepalese heritage to the current and future generations to come.


c. NAA will be actively involved in the charity activities to support underprivileged community in Nepal and Australia.


d. NAA will take leading role to promote coordination of Nepalese community organisation in Australia to create healthy, well integrated and prosperous Nepalese community.


e. NAA will work with other community organisations who share the same values as NAA to achieve its mission objectives.


​2.3 Action Plan
Every newly elected executive committee will develop its strategy and action plan for its term within three months of the formation of the new committee.


3. General Membership
General membership of the Association shall be open to any person who, irrespective of race, sex, belief, political or religious affiliation with any associations. The membership of the association will be valid for two years. All membership shall be renewed by 30 June of the AGM year that forms the new committee, for the members to be eligible to vote at the AGM. Membership fee will be reviewed and set by the AGM for the subsequent membership period.


4. Executive Committee
The executive committee of the Association shall be elected for a period of two years by Annual General meeting. Executive Office Bearer positions are President, Vice-presidents, General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer.


5. Executive Members
5.1 To register candidacy for the position of President, the nominee must have served at least one term as an office bearer of NAA in the past.
5.2 To register candidacy for the other office bearer’s position, the nominee must either;
1. Has served as an executive member for at least one term in the past, or
2. Has association with NAA for at least two years as program sponsor, media promoter, program volunteer or any other capacity deemed appropriate by election committee as well as made significant contribution to the community deemed suitable by election committee.
5.3 Any general member or a person who has association with NAA for at least two years as program sponsor, media promotor, program volunteer or any other capacity deemed appropriate by election committee, can nominate themselves to become an executive member of NAA.
5.4 Election of the new committee will be undertaken as per the “Election Procedure of Executive Committee” document adopted by the AGM.
5.5 NAA’s Executive committee will have maximum of 15 members elected from the AGM including the office bearers.
5.6. Immediate past President and the chair of the advisory board will automatically become an executive member of NAA.
5.7. The president can nominate up to two members to be included in the executive committee of NAA for that term.
5.8. NAA will have maximum of nineteen executive members including office bearers, immediate past president, chair of the advisory board and nominated members by the president.


6. President
The President is responsible to preside all meeting of the association and over all operation of the association. The President can call an emergency meeting if needed and exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association. In the absence of the President, the Vice President will act as the President.
A president can occupy the position for the maximum period of two 2-years terms (4 years maximum) if she or he is re-elected.
The duties of the president shall include the followings but not limited to:
• Develop and present two years goal and vision for discussion at the beginning of each term.
• Lead, inspire and motivate members to achieve NAA’s common goals.
• Extend NAA’s goodwill among the Nepalese and Australian community and organisations.
• Explore opportunities to work with other government and non-government organisations.
• Create healthy discussion environment in the organisation to allow equal participation and to conclude with a result agreed by everyone or suitable to the organisation.


7. Vice-Presidents
Nepalese Australian Association will have following four vice Presidents.


7.1 Vice Precedent – General
Vice-President – General shall assist the president to meet the association’s objectives. The Vice-President shall act as President in case the President is not available or when empowered to do so by the executive team.
7.2 Vice President – Regional and Interstate Coordination (VP- RIC)
The Vice- President regional and Interstate coordination will be accountable for promoting, participating regional and interstate activities to achieve NAA’s mission objectives and delivery of action plan. The Vice President – Regional and Interstate Coordination will also perform duties delegated by the President from time to time including Acting as President in his/her absence.
7.3 Vice President – Communication/Media and Promotion (VP -CMP)
The Vice President – Communication/media and Promotion will be responsible for promoting NAA’s activities with close relationship with community and national and international media organisations and individuals. VP-CMP will also be the in charge of coordination of community activities and will assist the President to prepare media activities. VP- CMP will also perform duties delegated by the President from time to time including Acting as President in his/her absence.
7.4 Vice President – Student and Community Welfare (VP- SCW)
The Vice President Student and Community Welfare will be responsible to coordinate various students from Nepalese origin in Australia, Nepalese Embassy in Australia and other community origination to provide necessary support and service in the new environment. VP -SCW is also responsible for the coordination and promotion of community welfare, cultural and charity activities and will perform duties delegated by the President from time to time including Acting as President in his/her absence.
7.5 Program Directors
The executive committee of NAA can create up to two positions of Program Directors to accomplish specific tasks/projects that NAA initiates as part of its action plan for the term. Such appointment of Program Directors should be endorsed by two third majority of the full quorum committee meeting. The term of the Program Directors such appointed will be for the period of the accomplishment of the specified task or the term of the executive committee whichever is shorter.


8. General Secretary
The Secretary shall keep all record of the association’s activities, monthly proceeding of the association and give notice of meetings in writing to members of the association. The secretary shall post a notice of the General Meeting to each active member not less than 7 days prior to the meeting, and not less than 14 days prior to an Annual General Meeting, details of the time, place and agenda, and shall publish such other items as decreed by the executive members.
The followings are the duties of General Secretary but not limited to:
• With the help of all executive members, implement the goals set by the executive committee.
• Central point of contact of all executive members and keep up-to-date record of all activities of the association.
• Inform to the executive team of the progress of tasks managed by all executive members and Program Directors.


9. Secretary
The secretary shall assist the general secretary in managing day to day tasks of the association. The followings are the duties of General Secretary but not limited to:
• Assist the General Secretary.
• Act as the General Secretary in his or her absence or when empowered to do so by the executive team.
• Responsible to manage NAA’s internal and external communication.


10. TreasurerThe Treasurer shall have custody of the association’s monies and financial matter. The Treasurer shall receive and send receipts for annual membership due (only if it is applicable) or any other monies belonging to the association shall make disbursements as approved by the General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting. Cheques drawn on the Nepalese Australian Association’s bank account will require the signature of the Treasurer and one another full office bearers, i.e. the name of the association with the bank approved by the executive committee. Treasurer is responsible to submit a report of Receipts and Disbursements or financial statement after any event or annually or as decided by the executive committee.


11. Other Sub-Committees


11.1 The executive committee may from time to time form volunteering subcommittees or nominate coordinators for designated periods and tasks to support various events and programs.
11.2 The volunteering committee will have no obligation or commitment to participate on organisation’s daily affairs.


12. Honorary Life MemberThe outgoing executive committee can nominate up to 2 members of the public to be awarded as honorary life member of NAA. Such membership will be awarded at the AGM. While doing so, the committee will consider the outstanding contribution the nominee/s made to promote and enhance NAA’s image to Australian and Nepalese Society.


13. Advisory Board
13.1 NAA will have one Advisory Board.
13.2 The Advisory board shall include ex-executive members who have served the NAA in the past and selective individuals who are recognised in the society and contributed to NAA’s activities and future directions.
13.3 The executive committee will form the advisory board as specified in clause 13.2 within three months of the AGM.
13.4 The advisory board will have maximum of 13 members. The executive committee will also nominate a chairperson of the board. The chairperson will automatically become an executive member as specified in clause 5F and exercise all the privilege of an ordinary executive member in the executive committee.


14. DisqualificationAn executive member will be automatically disqualified to hold any Executive position if she or he is absence from the general meetings for maximum of three times without notifying the general secretary or the secretary who is acting as the General Secretary at that time.


15. Annual General Meeting
15.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in every two years in the month of November or December. Written notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be sent by the General Secretary to all active members 14 days prior to the meeting.
15.2 An Election Committee from non-executive members will be formed by AGM to conduct a fair election during the AGM. This committee will be automatically dissolved after an announcement of new executive committee.
15.3 Elections for the Executive Committee shall take place if more than one valid candidates are interested in one position.
At the Annual General Meeting, the active members may receive and adopt the minutes from previous Annual General Meeting.


16. Voting
16.1 Every active member of the Association is entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and have right to vote in the election for any office bearer positions. Any active member can submit notice of any motion for inclusion in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the association’s constitution.
16.2 Visitors are welcome to the Annual General Meeting but they will not have any voting rights.


17. Minimal Requirement to VoteThe member must have been registered with NAA for at least for 3 months to be eligible to vote to elect the office bearers.


18. Constitution AmendmentThis constitution shall be amended only at an Annual General Meeting of the Association, or at a special general meeting called for that purpose, at least 21 days prior to which written notice of such proposed amendments has been forwarded to the General Secretary. A majority of two-third of those present in the meeting is required to pass any amendments of the constitution. The amendments may be communicated to the executive committee in advance for feedback. Amended constitution should be adopted at the AGM or any emergency meeting called by the executive committee especially to amend the constitution.


19. Dissolution
19.1 The Association shall be dissolved if a resolution to this effect is carried at the Annual General Meeting carried out in accordance to Article 15 of this constitution.
19.2 A resolution as in Clause 19.1 shall be carried if a two-thirds majority of financial members so resolved.
19.3 At the time of dissolution, the assets of the Association, being those remaining after all debts incurred have been met and all liabilities paid, shall be transferred to/disposed to the organisation of similar nature determined by a two-third majority of those present and voted at the Meeting at which the Association is dissolved.


20. General AdministrationNAA’s general administration and business will be carried out as per the following policy, procedure and guidelines developed and amended by the executive committee from time to time.
20.1 Election Procedure of Executive Committee
20.2 NAA’s Membership Management Policy
20.3 NAA’s Children’s Talent Night program policy
20.4 NAA’s One family one Child Sponsorship program policy
20.5 NAA’s meeting management practices
20.6 NAA’s Executive and general member code of conduct
20.7 NAA’s charity activities guideline


Adopted in July 1984
1st revision: December 2006
2nd revision: February 2009
3rd revision: December 2012
4th revision December 2015
5th Revision December 2018