Children’s Talent Night

Children's Talent Night

The objective of this program is to provide second generation Nepalese children the opportunity to involve in social activities and showcase their talents.


The concept of the Children Talent Night was born with the aim of brining out the talents of new generation of children.


The audiences in the Children’s Talent Night are welcomed and all performances are introduced, presented and performed by the participating children.



Judging panel established by NAA will assess the suitability of the child or children participating to the audition for the final day performance.
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Speech
  • Musical Instrument
  • Drama
  • Sporting Performance including Martial Arts
  • Any other performance


Judging panel established by NAA will assess the applications received by due date and make a recommendation for the recognition.
  • Sports Recognition
  • Academic Achievements Recognition


Nepalese Australian Association has decided to postpone the planned children’s talent night amid the current situation created by the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus.

​At this stage we are planning to hold the event on 5th December 2020 but will continue to monitor the situation and make such decision.