Historical Background

We are Nepalese Australian Association

The Nepalese Australian Association (NAA) was established in 1976 with the objectives of assisting newly arrived Nepalese and to act as an unofficial embassy in providing information about Nepal to Australians.

Since the establishment of this Nepalese & Australian Association, there has been an increase in Nepali population in Sydney. With the removal of White Australia Policy in the 60’s and opening the door to the Asian skilled people in the 80’s, Australia experienced influxes of skilled migrants and visitors from all around the world including Nepal. Further, the acceptance of private fee paying Asian students by the Australian universities encouraged Nepalese to come to study in Australia. We also saw influxes of Nepalese looking for a safe home after the outbreak of the insurgency in Nepal.



The need for a Nepalese Association was felt in early 1976, when a small group of Nepalese and Australians met and bemoaned the fact that there was not a cohesive group as a common meeting point for Nepalese students, visitors and the Australians who were interested in Nepal. The group was formed later names as Nepalese Australian Association (NAA) and was registered with Department of Fair Trading of NSW, Australia.


The goal of this organization is to work for the welfare and in the interest of the entire Nepalese community in Australia regardless of their political faith and sentiments, religion, gender, age and occupation. NAA is one of the oldest and reputed social organization established in our Nepalese Community which is determined and dedicated in the welfare and betterment of  people of Nepalese origin living in Australia.


To extend the unity and mutual co-operation between the Nepalese people residing in Australia.


To be an active and popular not for profit social organization in Nepalese community of Australia.

Nepalese Community in Australia

For centuries, Nepal has been home to many religions, ethnicity and cultures. The freedom to practical any religion of choice is enjoyed by everyone.  Read more