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Nepalese Community in Australia has once in a generational opportunity to make a history. With $1M funding commitment from the Australian Federal Government, proposed Community Centre will be the first of its kind and a pride destination to every individuals of Nepali origin.  This is the time to contribute and own your community Centre as a proud community.

  • Australian Federal Government has committed to provide funding of $1M to Nepalese Australian Association towards a Nepalese Community Centre in St George area.
  • The commitment is a part of its 2019 federal election commitment and is being provided through the Community Development Grant program.
  • The commitment is a result of an ongoing request/ lobbing of the Nepalese Community in Australia led by the Nepalese Australian Association (NAA) and supported by various community organizations including the Penhurst Nepalese Community.
  • Once established, the community centre will be a unique place for Nepalese community in Australia where we can have our sense of belongings, our own destination to visit where our identity as a culturally rich progressive community can be showcased, enjoyed and promoted.
  • The community centre will be the first of many we can deliver in the short future working collaboratively with all walks of community members, socio-political and government authorities.
  • A comprehensive proposal outlining the community needs and benefits of community Centre as a place of belongings and a destination for Nepalese community was developed by the Nepalese Australian Association and submitted to Hon David Coleman MP for Government’s consideration in February 2019.
  • After necessary consultation with wider local Nepalese community, Local Council and leaders of Nepalese community in Australia, NAA finalized draft option studies and presented the Request For Information (RFI) document required to activate the funding process. The RFI was submitted to the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development.
  • The proposal includes a Cost estimate of $1,250,000 for the community centre. This includes property purchase of around $1M and administration, renovation/refurbishment of around $250,000. Additional funds of up to $50,000 will be required to cover any contingent costs.
  • We as a proud emerging community in Australia will be contributing up to $300,000 towards the first community centre.
  • Initial proposal was aimed to utilize the federal funding for the property purchase and progressive raise fund to undertake refurbishment works. However, the department suggested that a part of the government funding will have to be spent on creating job as an essential criterion to approve the funding.
  • As the purchase of the property would not be considered as an economic activity that creates job, the department suggested the community to find a way to reserve a substantial part of the government funding that could be utilized for the economic activities such as refurbishment and renovation of existing building to use it as a community centre.
  • Federal Department of Infrastructure is currently administering the Community Development Grant and processing our application.
  • Wider consultation with local community, community leaders, and committee members and advisors of NAA agreed to launch a mass fund raising champaign.
  • A core Nepalese Community Centre – Delivery Steering Committee (NCC-DSC) has been established with representation from wider community leadership to provide direction and guidance to the delivery of community centre including the fund raising champaign.
  •  The committee has decided to form a 151 member Nepalese Community Centre – Delivery Ambassador Group (NCC-DAG) with representation of wider Nepalese community influencers.
  • It is expected that a substantial part of funds will be raised by the end of February 2021 to be able to meet the Grant Funding requirements. A funding agreement with the federal Government is expected to be signed by June 2021 with property purchase and refurbishment to be completed by March/ April 2022.
  • NCC-DSC would like to humbly request the proud community members, community organizations, business communities and prominent figures of Nepalese diaspora to participate, promote and contribute to this once in a generation opportunity to create a history.

Established in 1976, Nepalese Australian Association is the oldest Nepalese Community Organisation in Australia. 

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