Volunteer research assistant wanted

In an effort to bring all Nepalese non-profit organisations’ information together, NAA will formally be conducting a research on existing organisations, their scopes and roles in the Nepalese community. A sample of this work has been prepared and is already available on our website under “Nepalese Community” section.

We are looking for a few volunteers to assist us in expanding this research Australia wide. You will be researching on the organisations’ website, conducting interviews with their volunteers, attending community programs where possible and articulating the organisations’ messages clearly to the wider Nepalese community.

You are expected to have some sort of report writing skills which will help prepare a first draft of the research paper and access to email/internet/phone. You will be guided throughout this research.

If you are a self-motivated/self-starter, have a passion on research and a willingness to meet and talk to new people, we would love to hear from you.

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