25 New Scholarships in Sotang, Nepal

As a result of hard work we have done over the last year or so, from this month, we have started sponsoring 25 additional children at Birendra Jyoti Higher Secondary School and Narkel Public School combined in Sotang. It is a big step forward in expanding our One Family One Child Sponsorship Program which initially started about five years ago with 5 children.

Sotang is one of the villages scattered in the district of Solukhumbu, located in Eastern Nepal. It was most strongly affected by the second earthquake that recently struck Nepal on 12th of May 2015.

Photo courtesy of Australian Himalayan Foundation

There are many families in the region that cannot afford to send their children to school. Additional expenses such as school uniforms, lunches and text books make school out of reach for many of these families however, thanks to our partnership with Australian Himalayan Foundation, through OFOC program we are helping to bridge the gap.

Our special appreciation and thank goes to all our 25 wonderful sponsors for being part of this great cause.


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